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Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology

"The Annual Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology" (in Japanese)
The first (1981) through the 16th (1996) annual meetings were held under the name of the "Scientific Meeting for Intestinal Microbiology", but it was changed to the current name, “The Annual Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology” in 1997. At the second meeting (1998), general lectures, a symposium, a special lecture, and a luncheon seminar were held under the main theme of "Intestinal Bacteria and Bioprophylaxis". General studies were recruited for presentation regarding normal and pathologic bacterial flora, ecological behavior and the benefits or adverse effects of intestinal flora, gut immunity, food microorganisms, probiotics, and prebiotics.

The Annual Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology

Abstract Submission
  • Please just send your abstract to jbf@ipec-pub.co.jp by email.
  • There is no specific qualification required, although applicants to the lecture the annual meeting.
a. Abstract should be listed below.
  • Language: English or Japanese
  • Format: MS-Word or text file
  • 550 words in English, or 1,200 words in Japanese
  • Title, speaker, co-researchers and their organization should be noted in the top.
  • Purpose, Method, Results, Conclusion and Discussion should be presented in that order.
b. IMS Office and registration
  • Email: jbf@ipec-pub.co.jp
  • Address: 1-24-12, Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0002, Japan
  • FAX: +81 3 5978 4068
c. Acceptance
  • After deliberation by the organizing committee notifications of acceptance will be sent by email.
d. Request for Contribution