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Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology

"The Annual Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology" (in Japanese)
The first (1981) through the 16th (1996) annual meetings were held under the name of the "Scientific Meeting for Intestinal Microbiology", but it was changed to the current name, “The Annual Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology” in 1997. At the second meeting (1998), general lectures, a symposium, a special lecture, and a luncheon seminar were held under the main theme of "Intestinal Bacteria and Bioprophylaxis". General studies were recruited for presentation regarding normal and pathologic bacterial flora, ecological behavior and the benefits or adverse effects of intestinal flora, gut immunity, food microorganisms, probiotics, and prebiotics.

The Annual Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology

The Annual Meeting will take place on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th June 2013 at Convention Hall, Kitazato University, in Tokyo.
Conference chair: Professor Shigeru Kamiya, Kyorin University Theme: Ecology of Intestinal Microbiota in Disease and Health-Aiming at the Development of Interdisciplinary Research on Intestinal Bacteriology-

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission
  • Please just send your abstract to jbf@ipec-pub.co.jp by email.
  • There is no specific qualification required, although applicants to the lecture the annual meeting.
a. Abstract should be listed below.
  • Language: English or Japanese
  • Format: MS-Word or text file
  • 550 words in English, or 1,200 words in Japanese
  • Title, speaker, co-researchers and their organization should be noted in the top.
  • Purpose, Method, Results, Conclusion and Discussion should be presented in that order.
b. Due Date
  • 1st February, 2013(JBF office received).
c. JBF Office
  • Email: jbf@ipec-pub.co.jp
  • Address: 1-24-12, Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0002, Japan
  • FAX: +81 3 5978 4068
d. Acceptance
  • After deliberation by the organizing committee notifications of acceptance will be sent by email no later than the end of April.
e. Lectures at the Conference
  • 13th and 14th June from 9:30 to 1:00pm
  • Each lecture is scheduled to last 15 minutes including 3 minutes question time and in total 15-20 lectures will be held.
  • Attendees must absorb their own costs including travel fee and registration fee.
f. Request for Contribution


Please visit reception on the 13th or 14th June 2013 and register to attend.
Although pre-registration for residents of Japan will be open from 1st March to 24th May 2013 (Japanese only), overseas attendees will not be able to register in advance.

Entrance fee at door
  • JPY8,000 (JBF members)
  • JPY9,000 (Non JBF members)
  • JPY1,500 (Students: show a student identification card)
  • JPY6,000